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A series of public programs, workshops, and events hosted by Parsons School of Design to explore current and future notions of luxury.

Changing Materiality of Luxury


Yuchen Zhang (CEO) & Hellyn Teng (Creative Director), Wearable Media

Ammar Belal – Founder “ONE432,”

Gustave Maisonrouge – President & Co-Founder Maison Atia


Part of the Parsons Redefining Luxury Initiative, this panel discussion explores the ways in which evolving consumer demands are driving innovation in luxury and changing the global perception of luxury products. As the desire for ethical and sustainable production increases, the forces behind luxury products are compelled to innovate new materials and processes to meet the new sustainable consumer demand. How does our perception of luxury goods shift as transparency in a luxury brand’s production cycle increases? What statement does owning a luxury piece make when the public suddenly grows aware of the brand’s ethics? Who gets to determine what is ethical and for whom? And, what does the future of luxury innovation look like with sustainability as a top priority?

This session is led by:

Prof. Jessica Corr & Prof. Wendy W Fok

The panel will take place at Parsons, 63 5th Avenue, April 17th from 7pm-9pm.

This event is brought to you by:

Parsons Redefining Luxury Initiative

School of Design Strategies

School of Fashion

Cross School Fund 2019/2020