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A series of public programs, workshops, and events hosted by Parsons School of Design to explore current and future notions of luxury.

Parsons Redefining Luxury


Led by faculty and students in the School of Design Strategies and the School of Fashion, Redefining Luxury, seeks to challenge current definitions of Luxury, provoke new paradigms in the Luxury Industry, and challenge the relevance and future of luxury.

The concepts and attributional constructs commonly associated with luxury are founded on the dated structures conceived at the turn of the Industrial Revolution, leading to detrimental narratives and outdated business practices. As an institution committed to creative strategies to solve the most pressing social issues, students and faculty at Parsons are questioning the roles and responsibilities in the field of Luxury, to fostering sustainable practices, equity, and social justice.

This initiative celebrates a moment of change where advances in biotechnology may make material rarity obsolete; advances in digital technology and social media have created new expectations that remove authority from a single source; consumers are valuing experiences over physical product, and developments in AI and blockchain will change our decision-making processes.

Redefining Luxury Taskforce:

Erin Cho, Associate Professor of Design & Management, School of Design Strategies
Emily Huggard, Assistant Professor of Fashion Communication, Parsons School of Fashion
Jessica Corr, Assistant Professor of Design, Parsons, The New School
Wendy W Fok, Assistant Professor of Integrated Design, School of Design Strategies

Student Taskforce:

Logan Larkin, BFA Fine Art ’21
Erin Lee Carman, BFA Integrated Design ’20
Eugene Ong, BFA Communications Design ’19